16:00 - 18:00 (Europe/Paris)

Technology and the Workforce: The Imperative for Up- and Reskilling

As the growing application of Artificial Intelligence, automation and related technologies are making profound inroads into in all areas of work, organisations are faced with an ever increasing and urgent need for new—and different—skills among their workforce. This poses enormous challenges both at individual and organisational levels, indicating major upheavals for both employees and employers.   In this webinar, Amine Ezzerouali, SKEMA Assistant Professor and Director of the  MSc International Human Resource and Performance Management, outlines some of the key challenges and opportunities that companies navigate in their permanent quest for resilience in times of fast-paced change.   Join us for an informative and insightful webinar and discussion on 13th July 2022.
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About the school and the program

SKEMA is a global research and higher education institution that trains future business leaders to adapt to the requirements of 21st century companies and organisations. It is a multi-accredited business school with 7 campuses across the world -  in Brazil, China, France, South Africa and the USA.

The Global Executive MBA program at SKEMA focuses on leadership, transformation, artificial intelligence and sustainability. It provides a blended-learning approach for maximum work-study flexibility and balance.

The SKEMA Global EMBA allows you to:

- Expand your knowledge and expertise without putting your career on hold
- Position yourself for a big career change — whether it’s a change of industry, business function, or location
- Apply what you learn immediately in your workplace
- Broaden your network with professionals from diverse backgrounds Increase your earning potential