Covid-19 Test Certificate
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Online Covid-19 test results certificate - your Green certificate for a safe professional and social life. Self-test in a video session. Anytime. Anywhere.

Have a Covid-19 rapid antigen test kit

Assisted online

Receive your test certificate with QR code in 30 min



Test result certificate in 30 min. Save time on travel. No more queues


Just join the live video from your PC or mobile device


You decide the time and place of the test


No personal contact required at any stage of the process


Self-testing is guided by medically trained specialists


You will receive a test result certificate with a QR code


Your privacy is respected


Forgery-proof with security protocols and technology

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Dr. Tengis Kasch
Specialist Member of KV Berlin Medical Association Berlin
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Medical assistants

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About us

ATESTO helps you self-test easily and receive your verified Covid-19 result certificate in minutes so that you can quickly proceed to your desired activities such as work, study, entertainment. ATESTO is created by Advent Life, the medical care brand of Advent Group SARL (France), and is supported in Germany by healthcare supply chain Maskenbroker GmbH (Germany). ATESTO is empowered by compliance and anti-fraud company Sum and Substance Ltd (UK) and virtual event experience platform Oolaa. It is equipped with anti-fraud technology and uses all GDPR and health protocols.